Nano Drugs are drugs that Specifically target the users Glitter. These are chemicals that cause a user's glitter to greatly overexert itself for a pre-programmed duration. This overexertion has the potential to cause permanent damage to the user, and as such the duration is significantly limited (to 10 minutes at most).

Nano Drugs:

  • Example: +6 Force, +6 Finesse, +6 Speed, +4 Agility, +5 Health, +3 Hardiness. Withdrawal affliction would be removed if used as second time in succession.
  • All additional HP gained from bonuses to the Health stat are treated as Temporary HP, which does not persist beyond the durationof the affliction.
  • The magnitude of the permanent damage resulting from abuse of Nano Drugs has not been established. However, this permanent damage will be counted as an affliction, which cannot be removed by Heal Checks.


Combat Drugs

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