What is a focal Artifact? a focal artifact is just as the name implies and item used for focusing but in this case it's uses to focus soul power to an End of preforming soul magic.

Focal artifact are used by reapers and limited to them alone. On the surface there is nothing to indicate that a focal artifact is any different for a regular Item of the same kind.

A reaper has to be able to use their artifact to single out the targets of their magic otherwise the item in question will not work as a focal artifact.

Focal Artifact.

  • Any soul piece type can be used to power a Reaper's Focal Magic
  • The corresponding proficiency must be used for every such soul piece (excluding Boosting)
  • Focal Artifacts generally have a 3 Health and 8 Hardiness, and are subject to the Double-Damage Rule
  • Double-Damage Rule (an attack with strength equal than or greater to the Hardiness value will inflict an additional point of damage)
  • A Focal Artifact can be any object that can be destroyed
  • Focal Magic is limited in scope to a general theme at the digression of the GM
  • Focal Magic will not be defined by the nature of the Focal Artifact (in an effort to not limit player choice)

A few examples of focal artifacts are;

  • Voodoo Dolls
  • Notebooks (Death notes)
  • weapons (sword, scythes, gun, ect)
  • Cameras (even cellphone cameras )

A focal artifact is bonded to it's reaper. if the artifact is destroyed then the reaper loses there soul power and their soul shell shatters.

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