Combat occurs any time there is a protracted and violent encounter. Everything about the game remains the same, except that Turns are implemented to maintain order, the number of actions a character can perform are now limited, and the flow of time is extremely condensed.

Turn Order

At the very beginning of combat, the turn order among all of the combatants is determined by rolling a d6 and adding the respective Speed stat. Turns then proceed in descending order until combat is completed.


In the event that combat begins with a surprise attack, those involved participate in an additional round before the full turn order is implemented. All targets do not receive a d6 for ToHit rolls on this Surprise Round.

Character Actions

The quantity and quality of actions a character can perform on their turn is dictated by their Speed stat. Each point of Speed provides for a single Simple Action. More complicated actions require the equivalent of multiple Simple Actions. Additionally, Simple Actions can be used to enhance the quality of a more complicated action.

For examples, see Simple Actions and Maneuvers.


Any time that a combatant attacks another, the Combat Steps are followed. These involve rolls for hitting the target, getting through its armor, and inflicting additional damage.