As a game goes on, Characters acquire XP and SP (based on XP and a characters Intelligence).

XP and Leveling Up Edit

After a character gains enough XP - their current Level*100+1000 - they level up. When they level up, a character gains 2 points that may be spent in various ways.

In most cases, these points are spent to improve Statistics on a one-to-one basis.

So, a player may raise their intelligence from 5 to 7 after leveling up, for example.

The only limit is that Refined statistics may not exceed Potentials, and no score may exceed a base value of 10 (stat modifiers allow for the effective statistic to exceed this value).

Magic users may also choose to improve their Soul Pieces on a one to one basis, or their Proficiency on a two for one basis.

So a player might improve a piece from 3 to 5, or a proficiency from 2 to 3.

Reapers may only enhance the pieces and Proficiency aligned to their Focus.

A character may also improve their Senses on a point to point basis, BUT may only enhance each sense by 2, ever - while it is possible to affect the precision and interpretation of incoming sensory data, no amount of effort will alter the basic physical structures involved (cybernetics may overcome this limit, but such modifications carry other difficulties). A Sense may not exceed a base value of 10.

SP and Skills Edit

At any point, a player may spend SP to buy or enhance skills (with GM's permission). Briefly, this may be spent either to enhance a Skill Tree, or to buy nodes for these trees. The individual costs for these can be found in greater detail on the Skills page.