Armor's how you keep from getting your ass handed to you by weapons with a higher Force stat that a character would normally be able to endure.

(For what little it's worth, the statistical arms race between guns, armor, and later melee weapons and the modification of the combat process, arose from estimating the Force value of a ballistic pistol against an unarmored character with average Hardiness. Everything's crenulated from there.)

(ALSO, for what it's worth, most of this information is retained from previous work done on the Webs Forum.)

Armor is equipment that is considered to be worn on a character's body at all times unless otherwise stated. It affects character stats at all times, both in and out of combat.

Armor StatsEdit

Hardiness: In general, Armor provides it's own Hardiness value, which is used in the To Penetrate Step in Combat. This value is also used to represent the structural integrity of the armor, and can be degraded in combat by Sundering.

Penalties: Armor will usually penalize both Speed and Agility, to represent the ill effects of its bulk.

Armor SizesEdit

There are three distinct sizes of armor: Light, Medium, and Heavy. As the size of the armor increases, so does the protection it provides, as well as the penalties to Speed and Agility.


This armor provides respectable protection without affecting mobility.Edit

  • Hardiness: 5
  • Penalties: none


Armor that provides a balance between protection and mobility

  • Hardiness: 8
  • Penalties: -1 Speed, -0 Agility


The best protection comes at the cost of mobility.

  • Hardiness: 11
  • Penalties: -2 Speed, -1 Agility

Armor TypesEdit

There are three categories of armor: Fiber, Ceramic, and Metal. Each of these is specialized to defend against a certain Damage Type, and provide a bonus to the Armor's Hardiness based on the damage type of the attack. Additionally, the categories provide additional penalties to Speed and Agility.

Fiber ArmorEdit

This armor is composed of dense fibers designed to resist, deflect, and insulate against Energy Damage, while providing minimal protection against other damage types.

  • Energy Resistance: +6 Hardiness
  • Ballistic Resistance: +2 Hardiness
  • Slashing Resistance: +0 Hardiness

Fiber armor provides no additional penalties to Speed and Agility.

Ceramic ArmorEdit

An array of of overlapping ceramic plates provides exceptional protection against Ballistic Damage, as well as respectable protection against Energy and Slashing Damage.

  • Energy Resistance: +2 Hardiness
  • Ballistic Resistance: +6 Hardiness
  • Slashing Resistance: +2 Hardiness

Ceramic armor applies an additional -1 Agility penalty.

Metal ArmorEdit

A combination of woven metal and hardened plates that excels at resisting Slashing Damage, while providing robust protection against Ballistic threats.

  • Energy Resistance: +2 Hardiness
  • Ballistic Resistance: +4 Hardiness
  • Slashing Resistance: +6 Hardiness

Metal armor applies additional penalties of -1 Speed and -1 Agility.