Every Game has it's healing Items. in some case it's and all in one cure all. in others it can only do as much as a fist aid kit. This is where activator comes it. What activator does in this game is the basic health recovery item.

Activator works by temporally enhancing the Affliction know as Glitter. . It promotes the replenishing of Lost health points even giving a temporary boost if the target has reach full health during the duration of the affliction.

Activator can not regrow lost limbs by itself. It can not undo an affliction cause my tech or a soul magic caused affliction those the recovered health points make the character more likely to pass there next health check for the removal of a negative affliction.

Activator is an injectable cocktail of chemicals that enhances and fuels the healing activity of a character's glitter


  • Treated as an affliction
  • Duration 5 rounds
  • Provides +3 Temporary HP
  • Restores 2 HP per round, starting with its initial use.

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