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• 2/13/2014

Conveying Benefits From Using A Shield Beyond the ToHit Step

It was proposed that an excellent, Martial shield could provide +0 Force, +0 Finesse, and +7 Agility when used in combat.

It was subsequently proposed that this is a ludicrously high, game breaking number, and that the benefit provided by such a shield, or any shield, should extend beyond the ToHit step and affect the ToPenetrate step as well.

Perhaps the shield adds to the hardiness of the armor (for melee combat only), and/or the use of a shield somehow (occassionally) converts incoming attacks to Blunt Damage?

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• 2/18/2014

I'd like to add another concept - expending a held action to limit a bonus due to formation. Perhaps the benifit of flanking halved naturally, and negated on a shield-check of some sort, with the check rising per additional attacker, up to 3, maybe?

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