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• 2/13/2014

Wielding Two or More Weapons

So what happens when you use more than one weapon at the same time?  Do you benefit?  Do the stat bonuses stack?

SOME people have proposed that only the Finesse and Agility bonuses stack, while others have proffered that the Force bonuses stack as well.  The level of consternation certainly stacks.  OR NOT!

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• 2/18/2014

Conversely, you could make it an attack of only the agility stacks normally, but, by spending the an extra action - signifying that both are being used in a single attack - the finnesse and force are both used on that roll.

Similarly, expending a held action might be used to denote that a character can use each weapon seperately for defense, denying a two opponent team attack the traditional flanking bonus on a successful weapon-check os some type.

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